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    Frandsen will be back

    We were pretty sure Frandsen would be brought back for next season, but now we can be more certain. He's been signed to a 1-year, $850k contract with incentives to $1.2 mil according to MLBTR. At that price, the Phillies could still afford to cut bait with him if a better option arises.

    Frandsen is arbitration eligible through 2015, but I suspect he's an early non-tender candidate for next season.

    The next guy to keep an eye on is Nate Schierholtz who I peg as only 50/50 to be tendered.
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    Hooray for Ruben only giving one year to a fungible asset this time!

    He'll probably give Pierre 3/15 to make up for it though. Ruben can never go through an offseason or trade deadline without pissing me off at least once.

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