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Who do you want them to spend money on? There you go again, saying they're throwing away talent. It's just a waste of time trying to get through to you.

Who do you want to trade Niese away for?

Are you saying the only way to improve the OF is to trade away talented young pitchers?

If you feel it's a waste of time, then stop replying to my posts, it will not bother me 1 iota. You will not browbeat me into changing my opinions by insulting me either. I guarantee you that.

The only time you trade away young left-handed cheap starting pitching is when you're getting a boatload back - who was the last quality left-handed starter the Mets developed?

I think you know his name, he went on to have at the very least 4 back to back quality seasons, '05 thru '08 he would have helped tremendously right in the middle of our last 'contending' run.

Letting him go was one of the most foolish trades in Met history. He struggled with injury at times, but so do most starters, he did not fulfill all his potential, but even still he would have helped us win so many more games just when we needed it.

Here's what Towers has to say:

"I'm in no rush," D-backs GM Kevin Towers said on Thursday. "I can't give you timelines. If somebody decides they want to knock your door down and they really want the player, then they can speed things up. I think it's less likely something happens sooner rather than later, if it happens at all."

Right now, though, Towers has had discussions with his colleagues at the General Managers Meetings, but they've been more of the exploratory type, and nothing has gotten to the serious stage.

"Our sights are set pretty high on what it would take, and if nobody meets what we're looking for -- and we'd like to address a couple of different areas -- if nobody meets it, then we stay status quo and keep him. We're a good team with him," Towers said.

I understand the PR in this, but they have no need to move Upton, they can do as they like, and will set their price high, so the chances of getting more back for Niese than we give up in this instance looks slim.

Oh and PS - You seem to know an awful lot about me, even though I do not recognize you at all...