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I was one of the very few Landy supporters when the deal was announced, and I've backed him since then.

But I will admit. I was ****ing wrong.

This guy is ****ing horrible.

I have zero faith left in BC. Especially since he wanted Steve Nash over Kyle Lowry. This guy needs to ****in go. And Landry needs to go with him
I don't think this is correct. I heard an interview with Lowry and he said they wanted to trade for him earlier and were honest with that they were going after Nash as well as a UFA. Lowry wanted to be the number one guy and said no to a trade with Toronto at that time. I don't think this was choosing Nash over Lowry. They had to go after Nash because he was better for the franchise... Lowry was better for the cause of winning. It has been said that R Petite wanted Nash more than BC... We will never know. I personally would loved both.