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    Good article on James Harden being the number one option


    This is an ESPN insider article and I'm not sure what PSDs rules are but I won't tell if you don't

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    That's awesome. Advanced stats are crazy!

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    Yeah, I read this yesterday and thought it was really well put together. But this isn't exactly new information, for the most part, as I was reading a lot of the same numbers from other analysts right after he was traded for.

    As far as advanced stats go, I'm not shocked at all by the numbers when you consider he was fourth in the league in WS/48 last season and second in EFG% and TS%. The dude is easily one of the most efficient scorers in the NBA, and if he can improve his USG% without dropping his EFG% or TS%, his numbers this year will be disgusting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Giannis94 View Post
    Bucks vs raptors in the ECF. Mark my words.

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