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Thread: Stanford Routt

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    Stanford Routt

    So since we Lost C.Woodson for however long and S.Shields has been out it might now be a bad option to try and pick up this guy. Prolly could get him for 3-4mil a year and then we would NEVER have to see J.Bush playing in the dime!

    Our Pass D needs help and hes a good player, ive watched him play a few times when he was in a Raiders Uniform and this year once with the chiefs.

    Heres some info:

    6'2"/195lbs 29yrs old
    Ran a 4.27 at the Combine in 2005---Fastest that year
    36in Verticle

    Speed and height to match C.Johnson (Megaton)


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    Let look at the rest of the info in that article shall we?

    Routt was one of the Chiefs' notable free-agent acquisitions, signing a three-year, $18 million deal to fill in after Brandon Carr left for the Dallas Cowboys.

    So he was may be expensive.

    The longtime member of the Oakland Raiders has struggled mightily in Crennel's defensive scheme, though. He's been routinely beaten for long pass plays, including two weeks ago against his former team, and missed last week's game with what the Chiefs called a hamstring injury.

    Likes to give up the big play and is somewhat injury prone.

    "You have relationships," Crennel said. "You bring people in and you hope that things work the way you want them to work. The transition was taking a little longer than I thought it would take.

    Slow on the uptake.

    Javier Arenas started in Routt's place last week against San Diego, and Crennel said that's what he envisions going forward. Jalil Brown will also be in the mix. "He was trying, giving effort," Crennel said of Arenas, who has played primarily nickel back since the Chiefs drafted him. "He made tackles. He came up on run support, made tackles on run support. I think he represented himself pretty decently."

    Doesn't do "tackling". Doesn't give 100%.

    So to sum up... we have a hurt, older, expensive version of Sam Shields. TT get on the phone!

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    pass. Our dbs need snaps and are playing better
    Lacy 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by goku View Post
    I think its starting to set in that he left Aaron Rodgers for Christian Ponder ...

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    We're more than fine if you ask me. They aren't out forever.
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    Standford Routt..... No thank you!

    Williams, House, Hayward, and Shields (when healthy) are more than capable of holding it down.

    I hope he finds a place to play, but I hope the Packers pass on him.

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    isnt he the guy al davis gacve that absrud contract too that cost them nhamdi?
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