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    Quote Originally Posted by mightybosstone View Post
    I cannot believe the Raptors spent that much money on Fields and DeRozan. Never in the NBA has that much money been spent on two players who should not be NBA starters in the league.
    Potential for Derozen is still there and Fields had some positives by a certain metric. Conventional advanced stats agree with you tho.

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    Fields is overpaid, I don't disagree with that.

    However, it's pretty early in the season. Let's not go overboard with drawing conclusions from a small sample size.

    The Raptors are still sorting out their offensive rhythm and chemistry with the Lowry and Fields additions.

    Fields' strength has always been slashing. And he can Shoot better than 7%, I have no doubt of that. The offense needs to integrate his strengths a bit better... that's one thing NY did decently with him last year. They tried to minimize his perimeter shooting and instead focussed on his off the ball slashing plays.

    Will he regain his 40% outside shooting from his rookie year? No idea, but I expect he'll at least get back to league average of 31/32% this season. Just don't expect it overnight.

    Confidence is a killer for all shooters. Until he gets into his groove, don't be shocked if he's missing shots, even layups.

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