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Agree with pretty much everything Saddler said.

Remember, BC reached out to Vince as part of franchise's 15 year anniversary. He said, and this is verbatim "All the people that Vince had problems with ARE GONE now". He thought it would help him and franchise move forward. What happened? Vince refused to be honored.

Now all of sudden he wants to retire as a Raptor? **** this guy.

I don't want this quitter anywhere near this team especially it's young players. What advice is he going to give them? Try only when you FEEL like it?

We are a rebuilding team. We should be worried about winning games NOW in the PRESENT. Yet here we are talking about the past. Like signing this washed up clown is gonna make us a better team.
absolutely. I completely forgot about him turning down the 15 year anniversary too. **** that douche