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    Quote Originally Posted by slvrandblkatack View Post
    I've never seen McClain take on an OT the way Curry did McKinnie last year in the Charger game. That was an example of what we've been missing for quite some time from our LB's.
    McClain is not gonna be with the team next year. They are phasing him out. They're getting Curry ready to take his place in the middle. Yes Curry can take on the O-lineman and shed blocks. We haven't had anybody like that since Danny Clark.

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    It's about time

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    Put Curry in for McClain and draft Teo for the other ILB draft a monster NT and finally step into the future with the 3-4 D!

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    Quote Originally Posted by themadstork View Post
    Curry might be better, but he's no certainty. He's another guy that our starving fans are viewing as a savior.

    I'm just hoping he can grow as a player a little bit and find the ability to contribute consistently.

    At what point does a player ever stop growing. I hope none of our players ever stop growing, and as a group are consistently learning and teaching one another.

    - slvr&blck760
    "We don't take what the defense gives us; we take whatever the hell we want." - Al Davis


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    Aaron Curry is a Much needed Improvement to the LB Core
    Darth Raider Meets The Legendary Al Davis !!!

    To All My Oakland Raider Nation Brothers Remember .. Never Argue With An Idiot , First They Start The Fight. Then Bring You Down To Their Level And Beat You With Their Experience!

    Oakland Raiders Fan For Life ~ GangsteRaider

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    Quote Originally Posted by themadstork View Post
    Trust me when I tell you, there was no need for you to tell me you see the guy as a savior.

    I lol'd.

    But to your prior post - that some see Curry as a 'savior' - I certainly don't.

    I see him as a probable improvement, albeit a tepid one, at best. I doubt Allen kept him on the shelf for this long if he was really going to be a massive upgrade.

    I really thought McClain was the kind of player the Raiders needed - a good, solid starter who could be counted on to show up and play at a consistently high level. That didn't happen.

    It's just another example of Al drafting a guy and putting him in a position to fail. It's clear now that RoMac was a 3-4 MLB in college and nothing else - he's not athletic enough to succeed as a 4-3 MLB in the NFL.

    If the Raiders switch to a 3-4 defense next year -- and they have a few defensive linemen who could play 3-4 DE -- McClain would be worth keeping.

    If not, he's not worth keeping around.

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