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    Adam Wainwright and Cardinals to begin talking Extension

    He is owed 12 million this season in his final option year.

    ďIn brief talks with (Cardinals executives) they feel real good about me coming back for a long time, and I want to make that happen,Ē Wainwright said. ďI donít see any reason why we shouldnít make that happen. ... Itís not like I have one foot out the door (to free agency). If Iím being honest, they have to show they respect what Iíve done and what I will do. And they have. They have. So I donít think it will be a problem.Ē

    What would you give Wainwright if you are the Cardinals?

    The rotation this season will be

    1. Wainwright
    2. Carpenter
    3. Garcia (back in May)
    4. Miller
    5. Lynn/Westbrook

    That also leaves Joe Kelly, Trevor Rosenthall, and one of Lynn/Westbrook in the bullpen with Carlos Martinez (top pitching prospect) in AAA.

    Westbrook and Carpenter are both likely gone after this season, and with 8 starters on hand capable of pitching at this level, you have to think a Wainwright extension needs to be relatively reasonable.

    I would offer 5/75 and see if we can settle somewhere in there. He would be the lone veteran in the rotation really by 2014.

    That would leave 2014's rotation

    1. Wainwright
    2. Miller
    3. Garcia
    4. Lynn
    5. Rosenthall/Kelly/Martinez

    If you are the Cardinals, what do you offer Wainwright?

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    Aug 2010

    Adam Wainwright and Cardinals to begin talking Extension

    Sign him up

    Michael Wacha

    5-5, 2.79 Era, 83 So, 1.12 Whip

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    I'm sure you will get a great deal and show the baseball world how to get it done, leaving stupid teams like the Dodgers in the dust, who will only win 85 games this year because they suck and overpay.
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    5/75 sounds reasonable on both sides...

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    I would hesitate to give him five years. He's 31 and just a year removed from TJ surgery. Maybe 4 with a performance based option for a 5th.

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    5/85 was my initial thought of the highest I would go before I tell him to explore other options.

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    Jun 2010

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    5/80 sounds right.

    but my cardinals homerism comes out and 5/100 would work considering we will struggle to keep out payroll as high as it is with all the cheap young studs we got coming up (not a bad problem to have lol)

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    cards should definely lock him in as quickly as possible
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