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    Offensive Rebounding Differentials

    Game 1: Mavericks 9 - Lakers 15
    Game 2: Mavericks 8 - Jazz 20
    Game 3: Mavericks 8 - Bobcats 15
    Game 4: Mavericks 2 - Trailblazers 23
    Total Games: Mavericks 27 - Oppents 73 = -46 = -11.5/game

    The Mavericks have won (even blew teams out) 3 out of 4 games but I'd be lying if I said this is not a huge concern. Dirk Nowitzki is surprisingly a decent defensive rebounder but he won't be back until next month. I'd hate to rely on our offensive hot streaks to win games. Is anyone else worried about the offensive rebound differentials so far? Are there other areas that concern you?

    On a positive note, I think the Mavericks are playing excellent defense. They are racking in the assists. Their offense seems to have chemistry even though most everyone is new.
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