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    Myers doesnt think there was any attempt at deception

    "On any injury, I don’t think there’s any attempt at deception or omission,” Myers said Wednesday. “We convey it how we think it’s appropriate. As long as we’re on the same page with the athlete per the rules, our focus is on the recovery time. … I’d like to think we are transparent and always will be.”

    And yet Bogut said Wednesday that the team had asked him not to talk about the microfracture surgery, and Myers wasn’t willing to admit that the microfracture procedure set Bogut back."

    I might be beating a dead horse, and everyone yells at me for spinning conspiracy theories with some of the injuries that happen with the warriors.....but the bolded portion of this quote from bob myers is downright insulting to anybody with comprehension skills at or above the 2nd grade level.

    LOL- hes even lieing and decieving as hes attempting to clear the air. I heard that later last night on chronical live- he took all the blame and said lacob wasnt behind this.... yeah BS. The front office arent very high quality individuals- if this doesnt make you question their level of integrity and charecter- you have to be dilusional.... because this isnt me spinning things and reading too much into stuff.
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