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We've all been there. I'm just saying, some people are like YEAH WHY NOT GIVE HIM A SHOT HE HAD A GOOD 40.

But he'd probably be the guy 3 Sundays from then they'd be going OMFG CUT HIS ARSE WHAT A BUM. Lol ya know?
I agree with that. But even so, if it means he's playing over a guy like Alphonso Smith or Jacob Lacey, I don't really care as neither one of them are all that great. Routt's basically low-risk, high-reward type of guy right now. Even if he doesn't fit in, you still have 4 guys ahead of him in Houston, Green, Florence and Lacey or Smith. If he plays better than expected, then you get your fast CB with size that this team needs.

Honestly wouldn't mind picking him up at this point, since nothing bad can really happen. Worse case he gets burned horribly and cut, we go back to what we had before.