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S. Need a Safety badly so McCourty can return to CB. Pair him with Wilson
DT. Prospect
DE. Although, I feel like we need to give Cunningham and Bequette the opportunity to show us what they got. Nink for LB and DE depth
T. We only have 2 Tackles right?
WR. Depends on Welker. I want someone tall please. Someone who can go after the deep ball.

As for our secondary:
S: Wilson, [Draft Pick], with Chung and Gregory playing a reduced role
CB: McCourty, Talib, Dennard, with Cole and Ras-I for depth
I think BB intends to keep him at FS, therefore, I'd draft Xavier Rhodes/Jonathan Banks at CB in the 1st round.

However, if BB puts DMac back at CB, we have so many options (Kenny Vaccaro, TJ McDonald, Matt Elam)

CB: Talib, Rhodes/Banks, Dennard Cole, Dowling
S: McCourty, Wilson, Gregory, IDK about Chung


CB: McCourty, Talib, Dennard, Cole, Dowling
S: Vaccaro/McDonald/Elam, Wilson, Gregory