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Except that in their Bears careers, Cutler has a better Winning %, completion %, Y/A, Y/C, and QBR, all while getting sacked at a much more frequent rate.

Is he the best? Not yet. Is he infallible? Of course not. But until we get a schedule where we're playing Green Bay every game, I question whether you've actually been watching all his games and how much he's matured as a quarterback in his time here.

With all due respect, you should go back to the ****hole that is the Bulls forum where you belong.

Cutler's high winning percentage is not because great QB play. But more due to the great defense that the Bears have had the last couple of years. IMO, he definitely has the arm, but I question his leadership. I question his decision making in intense situations. With Cutler, it's not about the talent, but his mentality. He berated J. Webb but he himself has played just as poorly with ill advised and silly interceptions. His idiotic play reminds me of your idiotic post. Cutler matured? On what planet? I don't think you have the ability to make that assessment.(Sorry, but ur not the brightest crayon if you know what I mean) Just a few weeks ago Cutler was seen walking away(ignoring) his OC. That's not maturity. The Bears is winning, so all is well now. Thanks to the outstanding play to the defense of course.

And BTW, I go to any forum I want to chump.
Well that's just wrong, because you're banned from the Bulls forum, you don't or can't go there