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Luck is a special type of player. I am not in love with RG3 as much as everyone else, but his style of play is a lot different then Ponder so it matters what you think is good. Did I say he would suck for 4 or 5 years, no. I answered your question for when will Ponder be a super bowl quality qb. Truthfully that is when most qbs are fully developed. I never said he was going to suck until the 5th year. Maybe you should read you own question before you comment about my answer...
Sorry, I quess I made a crude way of saying if you're not going to be upon the upper echalon, then you must suck until then!
I'm afraid I've learned alot of bad habits here, taking peoples words out of contexts and stretching them to make your post abit untrue to what you meant.
Believe me no one has had their post more misconscrude than me.
I think maybe we should all just keep are post to the people we agree with on here. And ignor the post we disagree with.
I'll try to leave you guys alone. I really don't like to PO fellow Viking fans. And keep my post to dimgin,jhood, apollo, p.jesus, cyber,twisted, etc. etc.