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View Poll Results: What route should we take if we replace Christian Ponder at QB?

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  • Who said anything about replacing Christian Ponder?

    16 27.59%
  • Draft the best QB available in the 2013 draft even if we need to trade up to #1 to get him.

    9 15.52%
  • Draft a 1st round QB but don't trade up.

    3 5.17%
  • Draft a QB somewhere after the 1st round.

    8 13.79%
  • Trade for a QB.

    9 15.52%
  • Sign someone in free agency.

    10 17.24%
  • Joe Webb can start because he's better anyways.

    3 5.17%
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    Alternatives to Ponder at QB

    You all know I still support Ponder, however I do think that right now it might be a good idea to open up a discussion (and have another vote) for where everyone thinks of the alternatives the team could have at QB in 2013.

    Draft a new QB

    Probable 1st rounders

    Matt Barkley, USC 6'2' 230lbs. Age: 23
    Geno Smith, West Virginia 6'3" 214lbs. Age: 23
    Tyler Wilson, Arkansas 6'3" 220lbs. Age: 24
    Tyler Bray, Tennessee 6'6" 210lbs. Age: 21

    Probable 2nd round or later.
    E.J. Manuel, FSU 6'5" 234lbs. Age: 23
    Ryan Nassib, Syracuse 6'2" 229lbs. Age: 23
    Landry Jones, Oaklahoma 6'4" 216lbs. Age: 24
    Aaron Murray, Georgia 6'1" 211lbs. Age: 22
    Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech 6'6" 262lbs. Age: 22

    To sum everything up I can't see us being able to draft one of the top three QBs without trading up. Others will be available to us but it means that we won't get the cream of the crop at WR, DT or MLB and whoever we draft will be a work in progress for the next 2 years or so, like Ponder was.

    Free Agents
    Joe Flacco-Baltimore Ravens, 6'6" 245lbs. Age: 28
    (Barely even worth including since there is 0 chance that he doesn't get re-signed or franchised)

    Jason Campbell-Chicago Bears, 6'5" 230lbs. Age: 31
    Matt Moore-Miami Dolphins, 6'3" 216lbs. Age: 29
    Tarvaris Jackson-Buffalo Bills, 6'2" 225lbs. Age: 30
    Drew Stanton-Indianapolis Colts, 6'3" 230lbs. Age: 29
    Byron Leftwich-Pittsburgh Steelers, 6'5" 250lbs. Age: 33
    Tyler Thigpen-Buffalo Bills, 6'1" 216lbs. Age: 29
    Bruce Gradkowski-Cincinnati Bengals, 6'1" 220lbs. Age 30
    Charlie Batch-Pittsburgh Steelers, 6'2" 216lbs. Age: 38
    Brady Quinn-Kansas City Chiefs, 6'3" 235lbs. Age: 29
    Matt Leinart-Oakland Raiders, 6'5" 227lbs. Age: 30
    David Carr-New York Giants, 6'3" 212lbs. Age: 34
    Rex Grossman-Washington Redskins, 6'1" 225lbs. Age: 33
    Luke McCown-Atlanta Falcons, 6'4" 217lbs. Age: 32
    Derek Anderson-Carolina Panthers, 6'6" 235lbs. Age: 30
    Chase Daniel-New Orlenas Saints, 6'0" 225lbs. Age: 28
    Dan Orlovsky-Tampabay Buccaneers, 6'5" 230lbs. Age: 30
    Kellen Clemens-St. Louis Rams, 6'2" 220lbs. Age: 30
    David Garrard-Free Agent, 6'1" 235lbs. Age: 35
    Dennis Dixon-Baltimore Ravens (PS) 6'3" 200lbs. Age: 28
    Vince Young-Feee Agent 6'5" 232lbs. Age: 30
    A.J. Feely-Free Agent 6'3" 220lbs. Age: 37
    Troy Smith-Free Agent 6'0" 217lbs. Age: 29
    Josh Johnson-Free Agent 6'3" 230lbs. Age: 27
    Billy Volek-Free Agent 6'2" 214lbs. Age: 37
    Seneca Wallace-Free Agent 5'11" 205lbs. Age: 33
    John Parker Wilson-Free Agent 6'2" 213lbs. Age: 28
    Josh McCown-Free Agent 6'4" 215lbs Age: 34
    Chris Redman-Free Agent 6'3" 233lbs Age: 36
    Sage Rosenfels-Free Agent 6'4" 222lbs. Age: 35
    Brett Ratliff-Free Agent 6'4" 235lbs. Age: 28
    Adam Weber-Tampa Bay Buccaneers (PS) 6'3" 210lbs. Age: 26
    Brian Hoyer-Free Agent 6'2" 215lbs. Age: 28
    John Beck-Free Agent 6'2" 215lbs. Age: 32

    A lot of these guys are terrible but I prefer Matt Moore since he can be pretty solid and won't cost us a draft pick.

    Possible Trades

    Ryan Fitzpatrick-Buffalo Bills, 6'2" 225lbs. Age: 30 (balance of $62.5 mil contract through 2017 remaining)

    Alex Smith-San Francisco 49ers, 6'4" 217lbs. Age: 28 (ballance of 3 year contract through 2015, realistically Smith is owed $12 mil over the next 2 years)

    Mark Sanchez-New York Jets, 6'2" 225lbs. Age: 26 (balance of $58.25 mil contract remaining through 2016)

    Tim Tebow-New York Jets, 6'3" 236lbs. Age: 26 (balance of $9.75 mil conract remaining through 2014, realistically he is only going to earn about 3.3 mil)

    Colt McCoy-Cleveland Browns, 6''1" 215lbs. Age: 27 (1 year contract, $575,000)

    Chad Henne-Jacksonville Jaguars, 6'3" 230lbs Age: 28 (1 year contract $2.6mil + incentives)

    Matt Hasselbeck-Tennessee Titans, 6'4" 225lbs. Age: 38 (balance of $20 mil contract remaining through 2013, realistically he is only going to earn $5.5 mil next year, although some play-time escalators may have been triggered)

    Matt Cassel-Kansas City Chiefs, 6'4" 230lbs. Age: 31 (balance of $63 mil contract remaining through 2014, realistically he is only going to earn around $16 mil in that time)

    Carson Palmer-Oakland Raiders, 6'5" 235lbs. Age: 33 (balance of $43 mil contract remaining through 2016. Realistically since the last two years are voidable, Palmer will make $18 mil or so over the next two years. Also note that there is $0 guaranteed money after this season)

    Philip Rivers-San Diego Chargers, 6'5" 228lbs. Age: 31 (balance of $98 mil contract remaining through 2015. Roughly $40 mil left)

    Tony Romo-Dallas Cowboys, 6'2" 228lbs. Age: 33 (1 year, $11.5 mil left on contract through 2013)

    Michael Vick-Philadelphia Eagles, 6'0" 215lbs. Age: 33 (balance of $100mil contract remaining. Realistically Vick will be released due to the out clauses in his contract or his contract will be heavily re-worked to facilitate a trade)

    Kevin Kolb-Arizona Cardinals, 6'3" 218lbs. Age: 29 (balance of $63.5 mil contract remaining through 2016. Realistically Kolb will either be released or have his contract re-worked to facilitate a trade)

    Matt Flynn-Seattle Seahawks, 6'2" 225lbs. Age: 28 (balance of $19.5 mil contract remaining through 2014)

    I listed Rivers because you never know what could happen in SD if they get rid of A.J. Smith (the lord of no rings).

    Rivers, Romo and Flynn would probably command top draft choices (1st to 2nd round picks, maybe 3rd if we were lucky).

    Fitzpatrick, Tebow, Sanchez and Palmer would probably warrant somewhere around a 3rd-4th round pick with the others available for less than that. I can see some of these guys being moved so that their team can go up in the draft. If we decide to move on Ponder could find himself involved in one of these trades but his value is probably about a 4th round pick right now.

    Current Vikings QBs
    Christian Ponder-FSU, 6'2" 229lbs. Age: 25 (balance of $10.5 mil contract remaining through 2014)

    Joe Webb-UAB 6'4" 220lbs. Age: 26 (1 year, $575,000 remaining on contract)

    McLeod Bethel-Thompson-Sacramento State, 6'4" 230lbs. Age: 25 (1 year, $480,000 remaining, Exclusive Rights Free Agent 2014)

    My own opinion of Joe Webb as a QB is now pretty low, from what he was able to show us so far this year, he has learned absolutely nothing about playing the position over the past 3 years that he's been on the Vikings. Bethel-Thompson also has a lot of convincing to do if he plans to be taken seriously.

    As bad as Ponder is playing now he's the clear cut best option between the three by a mile.

    P.S. VCU, it might be a good idea to combine this with the Ponder thread since its about him, I just wanted to get this done so that people would be able to vote on it.
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