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What I've always done in a case that I think is urgent, is find a mod from that certain forum or a Supermod that's actually online at the time rather than just go to a regular go to person that may not be online. Very rare that one or 2 mods don't get back to me in about 10-15 mins and if they don't I go on down to the next one until I get some sort of an answer. Even if they don't think it needs to be handled, they'll tell me why.
One of the mods I had asked was online at the time, and the other is basically my go to mod for just about everything, but he was not on at the time which is why I went for two mods. But yeah, regardless it kind of sucks I never got any response from anyone. I get if they decide it's not worth deleting, but they should at least just sent me a quick VM or PM letting me know, because I reported a lot of posts in that thread and it really did get pretty chippy in there.