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    Quote Originally Posted by rhymeratic View Post
    He's still a scrub... let me see this Ninja Turtle do it for 20+ games consistently... Every scrub can have a good game one in a blue... ask Kwame Brown.
    By this metric most of the league are scrubs. We actually only have one decent player on the team, because no one had 20+ games consistently except Melo. Honestly how many guys in the league average over 20 points.

    He's a role player on our team and a good one. He plays defense, rebounds, and is showing he can hit the open jumpshot. Sounds good to me.

    My man Ike got a bad rap

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    Can Ronnie Brewer get some love?

    Always thought it was a good defensive addition, his lack of shooting was what I questioned since it would kill spacing. But he's hit some 3s so far, and if he can at least continue to hit the wide open ones, he will be a very good role player. Him and Shump will be a fantastic defensive duo whenever they take the floor together.
    Quote Originally Posted by Da Knicks View Post
    As far as talent goes, without a doubt Melo is the best player the knicks have ever had. I think Melo is the best player in the league right now so i think after he wins us a ring this year he would have to be considered the best knick ever. Melo will become the new Jordan of the league we are so lucky to have him!!!

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    Looks like Brewer has fallen back to career averages.
    perhaps he's injured?
    Last edited by blahblahyoutoo; 12-27-2012 at 04:25 PM.

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    Ronnie Fields

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Leethal View Post
    Ronnie Fields
    worse then Fields right now.

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    When Felton went through shooting problems, most of us realilzed that there was a problem with his hands and that he would eventually be ok. And he will be fine.

    Brewer on the other hand was always a poor shooter. So when he suddenly started shooting well, I thought that was an aberation and figured that he would revert back to poor shooting eventually. He needs to admit to himself that he is a poor shooter and stick with defense and only opportunistic offense. By that I mean put-backs on rebounds and the occasional slashing move. Cut it out with the three pointers.

    But we got Brewer at a very low price for his defensive skills until Shump comes back. That will likely happen in January. At that point we can thank Brewer for his defense in Shump's absence, but he won't be playing much anymore.

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