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Well, the Pistons will be picking in the top 5, so it's pointless to discuss giving away a 6-10 pick for Gay/Gordon.

The Darko draft yielded what, 5 superstars out of the first 6 picks? Not really the example you want to use. Although I will admit that is simply the GOAT draft class.

By the time we are ready to compete Gay would be on the downside of his career. If Gordon's health was guaranteed and he was guaranteed to compete with maximum effort I would give up a 3-5 pick for him (not top 2, id rather have shabazz)

There's noway you can guarantee me that though.

And guys, if we draft someone and they bust, cool, we get another top 5 pick the year after. You see how that works?
If we're talking about a 100% healthy Eric Gordon, I'd absolutely trade top picks for him, and yes that means even #1. The health issue is the key, whether it's real or he's faking, if he plays 80 games a year he'll be an absolute monster.