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    Hell be our future... along with prince r randle a brown n s brown Wilson n hosley

    They all need reps. They're studs. But J Williams n Rivers is the best option no doubt but Herzlich or Blackburn. Now Blackburn near future... herzlich

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    Only issue I have with Rivers taking a bigger role is that he's made of porcelain so you can't rely on him to be in there week in and week out. Otherwise he is a very good linebacker.

    I'll admit I didn't expect Herz to struggle as much as he did yesterday. He looked confused so just ran with the original play call and like Sean. said, had minimal adjustments. He hasn't played enough to have a feel for the zone defense and therefore struggled. We need Williams back as well as Blackburn and hopefully a healthy Rivers. Herzlich needs to try and take over at the beginning of training camp to get the reps he needs to become comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by .Sean. View Post

    Boley wears the mic'd helmet because he's a 3 down LB while Blackburn is not, but once the play is in, Blackburn puts the people in place and makes the adjustments
    Guess he learned a lot under Pierce all those years.

    Quote Originally Posted by NYKNYGNYY View Post
    It wasn't just herzlich he played like trash but hosley once again really ****ed up , eli was way off and when o saw that hit on Cruz I damn near threw up , guy just agrees to a structured deal not yet signed n I thought he was knocked out cold ..Nicks wasn't to good bradshaw was basically not on the field ...but the way they ran the ball on us was pathetic ...we couldn't stop them ...special teams was awful minus weatherford. That one punt return he saved for a touchdown I thought saved the game ..Tynes has me furious how do u not have enough power to boot a 51 yarder

    Yeah. Old Quinn has returned and he brought old Gilbride with him.....just in time for November.

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    Herzlich played poorly yesterday....not only in coverage but on ST as well....he just wasn't aggressive like he normally is. But with that being said I don't understand why Fewell don't make adjustments at key moments of the game when a guy is in there that is struggling.

    Why not drop guys back to help or if Herzlich is struggling let him blitz and drop another guy back or move a saftey up? Its not all on Herzlich.

    But now we see the importance of having healthy guys in there like JWill and Blackburn that know what to do.

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    Herzlich is young & needs reps, HOWEVER, put him in the Diehl performance category for last game....they both stunk! I didn't expect Herzlich to run blind into what seemed like he was guessing would be the hole & into piles of bodies. He as a total wast. We need slow-*** Blackburn back asap.

    The seemingly forgotten due to injury J. Williams, Boley, Rivers (if he could last a week) & Blackburn, those are the guys. Herzlich, hold down special teams with Paysinger & the boys, they missed you, badly.

    I don't do many endorsements. I'd rather get doused by Gatorade than bust my butt selling it.
    -Bill Parcells

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