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He did put up great numbers in each of those 6 years .And can you understand the meaning of being alone in a team and having a supporting cast ? If you can't idk what to say really .
I understand that Kobe's titles are meaningless because of Shaq and it doesn't matter if Garnett was getting swept and bombing in the playoffs because he had no help. GREAT PLAYERS OVERCOME THIS ADVERSITY. Not every year but at least some years. Garnett didn't. No he really didn't. Not during that 98-03 time frame. I'm not trying to bait you but you honestly have no idea what you're talking about. You have no idea how bad he played especially in the closing games. I've seen them first hand and every year he let his team down to end the season. Sometimes in historically bad effecient. 8 turnover games. Horrible shooting performances. Getting burned defensively. Thankfully his 04 season and his Boston seasons have washed that away but it doesn't mean they didn't exist and it doesn't mean we can ignore them when comparing him to somebody who was WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS during that same time frame.