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    Quote Originally Posted by JerseysFinest View Post
    Would the Wizards consider a deal consisting of Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, fillers, and BKN's 2013 or 2015 first for Nene? Brooks is still on his rookie deal and Humphries expires after next season.
    Id do it in A Heart beat. I like nene but his contracts huge and injury prone with that we get two picks and 3 young players.
    Reed Doughty .......where second chances will ALWAYS HAPPEN. Stay tuned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheScab View Post
    Wow, these are all great ideas! Teams are just dying to trade with the Wizards because our team has so much talent that is coveted by other GM's. Teams just can't wait to give up one of their good players for a broken up Nene who will maybe only play 40 games a year with a high contract. GM's would salivate if we placed the borderline D leaguers Jordan Crawford and Jan Vessely on the trade block! Kevin Seraphin reminds you of the next Tim Duncan? San Antonio just may straight up trade us Seraphin for Duncan! I wonder if Ernie Grunfelds phone is ringing non stop with calls about Trevor Ariza and Omeka Okafor. Who cares if both of those guys are bench players but will be owed 43 million over the next two years combined. Possibly the Knicks will give us Amare Stoudemire for those 2 guys to do us a favor! No i got it......The Lakers will trade either Kobe Bryant or Pau Gasol for the young aggressive sharp shooter 20ppg rookie Bradley Beal!!
    I love playing GM, especially when it's on NBA Live 2010.
    I can't disagree with his sarcasm. Most of these scenarios have not even been remotely realistic. I'm sure you guys can do better.

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    OMG THAT GUYS SO FUNNY... see what i did there, i can be sarcastic to lol.

    the nets trade was proposed by a nets fan. we just responded to it. again on that, the next would win the trade talent wise bu loose it money wise. plus not sure the wiz want to give him up but not sure they shouldn't if they could.

    the kings trade makes sense,
    kings get a good young PF, robinson seems to be in the dog house and is not getting a lot of time and Dwill might be a change of pace
    and they get an actual competent point guard. then they can move brooks to the 6th man combo guard position where he belongs. and picks, we could keep the seconds and offer a top 3 protected pick in 2013

    the wolves get the 2 there looking for and get someone to develop

    we get a good young player.
    seems fair to me, definitely not bad.
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