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    Any Dodgers fans from Brooklyn?

    Let me first start off by saying I myself am not from Brooklyn. However...

    I was watching the Nets home opener today and they honored some former Brooklyn Dodger players.

    It got me wondering.

    It seems like people who live in Brooklyn or New York have all switched over to the Yankees and Mets.

    Whenever one thinks of the Dodgers they think all their fans should be in LA obviously.. But never factor in Brooklyn anymore, even with the move and the 1957 disgust.

    Wouldn't it be sensible for Brooklyners to root for the Dodgers, even though they are in Los Angeles? Afterall, it is still the Dodgers. Instead of rooting for the Yankees or Mets instead.

    Any of you LA Dodger fans original Dodger fans from when they played in Brooklyn and you didn't abandon your team?

    Any of you born in Brooklyn (post LA move) and grew up rooting for the LA Dodgers (not Yankees or Mets) because of what once was and not what currently is.

    That would be pretty neat. And fascinating too hear about, also. You would be like the outcasts or ... bums!
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