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    Quote Originally Posted by fanofclendennon View Post
    Sanchez can be a good NFL QB if given something to work with. I've seen it already. But the team f'd with his head too many times.

    I liked Rex but enough's enough. This team needs to start clean. You can't bring in a new GM to bring in a new system while keeping the old coach. Makes no sense.

    Besides, Rex hardly won any brownie points the last few years any. Get rid of him. Get rid of everyone associated with the Jets coaching staff and front office.

    Clean slate.
    Sadly Woody Johnson's love affair with the guy will keep him around another year.

    It's amazing but it's possible the Jets could finish over .500 this year. They should beat Jacksonville, the Titans aren't very good, the Chargers have waved the white flag with Norv Turner and AJ Smith being the casualties at the end of this year, and we've handled the Bills well in recent years.

    Even if they finish 8-8, Rex Ryan will have 4 non losing seasons.

    The shtick is old (to me it was even old when they were winning too) without question but i just don't see them letting Rex go.

    Saying that, they probably should clean house but Tannenbaum might be the only guy to lose his job next year (and he will most likely be reassigned not fired).

    Even Sparano might get another chance as sickening as that sounds.
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