Well another week, and another game where the Bills are out-coached and out-played. Chan is simply going to go down with the ship with Fitz as his captain. After this year, they both will be out of the NFL for good. Fitz wont even sign as a back-up elsewhere, because teams like to have a backup that can win a game in the 4th quarter if their starter gets hurt.

What we are watching here is sickening. We have Jack$ss Nix doing an interview this week saying that he has been looking for a quality franchise QB in the draft, but there have not been any. Umm, he must have not seen that Dalton was on the board when we drafted Williams, or that Russel Wilson was available when we got Graham. He also must have been sleeping in the off season when Flyn from GB was available.

Then we have Chan Gailey giving an interview after the game saying that Houston was showing a look on defense that he has never seen, so therefore, they were unable to make any adjustments EVER. As if after the first offenssive series, Chan was resigned to loosing again.

As much as I love Freddy Jackson, this idiot coach needs to get involved, stop this stupid timeshare that he has allowed these RB's work out, and just name CJ the starter. CJ is averaging more yards per carry then any other RB, but CJ has less than 75 carries. This bull crap timeshare is not winning us any games. Its not even keeping us close in any game. So why keep doing it. Its like having a Lamborghini, but then driving it 20mph down the street.

Does anyone believe that Fitz can win a game in the 4th quarter for us? Does anyone even think he is still capable of being a starter? Im the biggest Jack&ss, because next week, I will watch again.