I had a similar thread like this last year where I posted crazy Kyle Lowry stats. This year, I expect to keep it running a lot more, as there are a number of Rockets players posting impressive stat lines these days. Here are a few shocking numbers...

1. James Harden leads the league in scoring (41.0), PER (38.42), EWA (1.2... which is disgusting through only two games) and is among the league leaders in TS% (.758).

2. To put those numbers in perspective, only one player has ever averaged more than 40 a game for a season: Wilt in 62 and 63. And the last person to average 35+ was Kobe in 05-06. Wilt also holds to two highest PER seasons (31.84 and 31.76 in 62, 63), but MJ and Lebron have each broken 31+ multiple times. And the league leader in TS% last season was Tyson Chandler at .708, although Harden was second in that category last year at .660, so I expect him to remain among the leaders all season long. The PER and scoring numbers will certainly drop.

3. Lin and Harden are 11th and 12th in APG at 7.5 and 7.0. The Rockets are fifth in the league at 25 APG, but the league leader last year was Denver at 24 a night. Lin's 2.12 AST/TO ratio is certainly nothing special, but it's much more respectable than his 1.71 ratio last season.

4. Harden is averaging 41 PPG, 7.0 APG and 6.5 RPG and Lin is averaging 16.5 PPG, 7.5 APG and 7.0 RPG. Not a single player in the NBA last season averaged seven assists and seven rebounds for the entire season, and the only person to average at least six and six was Lebron James at 27.1/6.2/7.9.

5. Jeremy Lin is not particularly high on the PER list for PGs, but his 18.83 is well above average and would have made him the 11th best PG in the NBA last season. His PER last year was 19.97, but he only averaged 26.9 minutes per game.

6. Asik is fourth in rebounding at 14.0 per game. Dwight Howard led the league with 14.5 per game last season. His 22.6 TRB% is currently fifth. Camby led the league with a 22.8 TRB% last season. Asik's was 20.1 last year in limited minutes.

7. And this might be my favorite stat, because it's one that I think will be consistent and one that will pay huge dividends for the Rockets all season long. The Rockets are getting to the free throw line 26 times per game, only good enough for eighth best so far, but would have been fourth best last season. But last year, Houston only went to the foul line 19.7 times per game, third worst in the whole league. The Rockets are also shooting .808 from the foul line, which would have been a league high a season ago.

If you guys have some crazy stats that you'd like to add, feel free.