This year there are player who fit better with Derrick Rose because they can handle ball: Hinrich, Belinelli, Teague & Nate Robinson. The first two can play like SG on the court along with Rose perfectly.

However, if we match Mohamed vs Asik and Butler vs Brewer, we must recognize that Bulls aren't better than last year due to the lack of defense skills.

Yes, maybe Gibson play few minutes more than last year, and maybe Butler reach Brewer's level in few years, but this year I believe that Bulls' bench is worse.

That doesn't mean, however, that Bulls' bench can't provide better outcome this year, I only analyze one-by-one players. When Rose return and Hinrich come back to the bench, it going to be better bench than last year in guard position, without any doubt.

We urgently need a fourth big man as Radmanovic and Mohamed can play more than 10 minutes in a good NBA team. I don't even think what would happen if Noah, Boozer or Gibson are injured.

Sign and trade with Hamilton is probably the best option for Bulls, preferably for a C-PF expiring contract like Mohamed, Radmanovic but a little bit better, please.