Alright, after two games, we've been competitive and I like that but here's some items I see as troubling and that we'll need to fix by next year:

1. Our defensive play is horrible when Drum, Sig, and Jonas aren't on the floor. We've let two guards kill us and a big guy in each game kill us on the boards. They have to figure that out or were going to lose a ton because of it.

2. Man do we need a shooting guard. Stuckey seems to be fixated on trying to shoot 3's now and that's not his game (as evidence he hasn't made one in the regular season and he's shooting like 20% overall). If we can get a shooter out there to spread the floor a bit then we can blossom as an offense.

3. Drummond needs more minutes. The kid changes the flow of the game for us when he's in there. I think they need to push him up to at least 25 a night. Mix him in there with Monroe and Jerebko. Just get him in.

4. I really think Meggette won't make difference when he comes back. He's basically the same type of player as Stuckey and we need and outside shooter. If Stuckey continues to play as bad as he has then Meggette will help but he won't change our offense like we need it.

5. Can't wait till we get Max, Prince, Stuckey, Daye, and CV off this team. Even though Max and Prince have been alright, I love seeing the younger guys out there and getting more minutes.

This team is playing competitive basketball so we are headed in the right direction!