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    So I looked into it a bit. Ron created the comp specs that season. I was in Vegas at the time and he did a couple weeks in a row of sims to cover me. I'm doing a little bit of conjecture here with this next part as I don't remember reading the long arguments in that thread... so I'm thinking that when I got back from vegas, I never looked in the compensation thread, as Ron had already created comps. Otherwise had i seen your messages saying you hadn't gotten comp yet, i would have done something, or remembered something. I don't remember any PM from you saying you hadn't gotten comp. I could have overlooked it, or saw it and figured that with ron having done comp specs, he'd get back to you. I honestly don't know. I have a hard time believing I would just leave you hanging without knowing (or thinking) that it was being taken care of. I know you say you're not upset, but I personally would be if I were in your shoes. Idk what happened, so I can't really say definitively what happened. All I can say is that I don't remember any of this, tbh. Is it also possible that maybe Ron created the spec, but forgot to name him Carlton Lassiter, and then you just never noticed him? Is it possible that Ron forgot to make the spec all together due to the debate that was on-going? Any number of things are possible, I just don't know what happened.

    As for the ruling on RP/SP... I vaguely remember having conversations about this topic a couple of different times. What Doug was saying in that thread seems like it would probably be true... I can't remember what the decision that Ron and I made was though, so I can't confirm this yet. I hope that Ron's recall on this topic is better than mine, so let's wait to see what he remembers. Let's not turn this into a second debate on the same topic though... we've already done that, and (hopefully) a decision was actually made. Hopefully Ron remembers what this decision was, because I don't and I'm kind of at a loss right now on what to say in response to all this.

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