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Yeah i agree, i love TT and he has done a great job but at the same time he can be a little more aggressive IMO. If we make the playoffs and lose out because of our running game and lack of a good RB then that comes back on him. Sometimes he needs to make a move if it means helping this team out.
I agree to an extent. We don't need a top tier rb however. With the way that our offense runs the rb position is just a complimentary one. It's like we just kind of use it because it's there. Our strength has always been our passing game and with the fact that #12 is behind center I don't think any of us expect it any other way. Would I like a better running game? Absolutely, but with the only guys that we're "supposedly" available, it was too much to give up. We don't even know if Jackson really was on the block. Fisher came out and said he wasn't so who knows. I think it's something we need to draft again next year and hope we hit on it. I still think Starks can get the job done and when Benson gets back it will be that much better. I know Green hasn't been great but you can't hate the guy. He got thrown into the situation and lets not forget he is a year removed from knee reconstructive surgery. It takes time to come back from something like that.