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This team just isn't clicking on all cylinders.

Doc got out coached by Carlisle for most the second half and OT tonight.

The chemistry just isn't right. I don't think adding Bradley will be the answer either. This team has a lot of weapons but Doc isn't playing to their strengths... when he plays them at all.

Wilcox was having a really solid game tonight with 10 pts and 6 boards in all of 15:46 of a possible 58 for his position. That's nuts.

Lee played 19:02 against a team that went small and torched the C's "bigger" lineup?

Sullinger only played 10:50 tonight?

Green played 26:34 but was buried on the bench towards the end of regulation and the first OT.

And against a team that went small.... Barbosa played ZERO minutes.

There's a lot of talent being wasted. Doc's got to get it figured out. Playing Jason Terry for 47:45 tonight ... ridiculous. 3-10 from the field, 1 reb and 3 assists... and he got torched on defense a number of times.

Bradley's return will only complicate things.... and if the C's don't get rolling that locker room could turn ugly with guys thinking they deserve more of a chance than they are getting.
Yeah, im a little unsure myself. I find it puzzling the mins being shared. I would like to see Terry, Pierce, Garnett play less first half season. I would also like to see Garnett come out 8:00min mark first qrt.

I would like Rondo to score 20-24pts night, I would focus on building up players like J Green. He needs to play more. He must find a bigger role for this Celtics team to have a chance (both offense/ defense).

I would also like Brandon Bass to stay inside the paint. I know, it's not his game, but we need a wide body and a inside threat when Rondo gets into the lane. Teams are closing out on our shooters, It would keep team honest and make players make ajustments.

Barbosa needs more mins right now. He/ Barbosa is great to sub Rondo, Lee, Terry. The real problem is when Bradley comes back. I think the one problem is players not finding roles. Due to log jam at #2/ #3 spots, thus I would be shocked if a trade isn't made.