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    Quote Originally Posted by Opalmerr View Post
    I'm not sure they need two new guys. If they could swing a deal for someone like Jefferson without giving up too much. Ideally I'd like to keep KG, Bass, Wilcox together and add Jefferson to the mix. Dreaming, probably, but I would package a guard, Sullinger, Melo, picks..... Try to keep Joseph if at all possible.
    I think Bird Fan would settle for one 4/5 if it was Jefferson, and we KNEW KG and Wilcox would remain healthy, and add some C- big at the deadline to eat minutes in games that are gone one way or the other.

    But just to match Jefferson's money Green & Bass would seem to have to be included. Sully and Melo don't make enough. Then Bradley and/or a #1 to give the needed hope going forward. We might have to toss in Lee to get back 1 or 2 minor salary dump players to make the deal work.

    This isn't a tweek here or there. It's a wholesale major move.


    The no rebound thing works if you have guys that shoot crazy FG like KG/PP/RA in 2007-2008. Right now we are at the back of the top 1/4 of the league in FG%/eFG% and have good DReb. But everything else is pretty much average vs the league except the OReb which is poor. OTOH Doc wants them back down court to play D. That theory should work better when Bradley comes back well, and the D will pick up, and maybe create another 3-5 pts a night in TOV's, which would translate to a better record going forward - maybe even start playing .575-.600 ball. That's nice. The question is what happens in the playoffs, which leads me and Bird Fan back to a big trade for a very effective big.
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    I am not a con artist! I am a businessman! I have a big brain and I'm good at making deals! People are just jealous of my BIG BRAIN! BAD!

    Guess who? The future X-Presdent...

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