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They are making adjustments with Pierce just as they have with KG


Paul Pierce said after Saturday’s win over Milwaukee that he’s getting accustomed to a new offensive role. Instead of allowing Pierce to take defenders off the dribble, Rivers has changed Pierce’s spacing on the floor, where he is coming off more screens, similar to Ray Allen.

Rivers said the change was necessary because of Pierce’s advancing age.

“I just don’t think Paul is as athletic as he used to be,” Rivers said. “Where before it was great having the luxury of knowing that at any time you swing it to Paul, he’ll beat his guy and score, now guys are doing a better job staying with him, and so we feel like we have to get a body off of him. We felt that last year but Paul didn’t feel that. Now Paul feels that, and that’s good. He’s already good at pin-downs, coming off of them but it’s still an adjustment for him and he’s got to get used to it


I still think playing PP and KG seperately is a good thing - provides balance in so many ways and negates having two aging warriors on the court at the same time so much of the time. As I stated in the other thread, at crunch time, yeah.
That might explain why he has frontrimmed so many shots. At some point this season I thought all he did was chucking! Thinking about it, Pierce has looked a little different in his whole flow. His off ball movements have certainly been different. His shot was out of sync, or it looked like he had not enough strength coming from the legs.
He acutally has come off screens quite a bit and Doc's comments could be an explaination for the struggles.