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    Quote Originally Posted by Bird Fan View Post
    It's amazing reading some post. It's what others/ I were saying before the year.

    1. Boston- Can't rebound, Can't defend inside without KG, No good option at center #5 without KG, can't hold leads, play tight late in games.

    2. Darko isn't in shape and looks rough.

    3. J. Green is not playing aggressive. Looks lost at times.

    4. P. Pierce looks very old right now, taking bad shots.

    Sounds like what myself and few others have been saying. So thin up front, it's a matter of time...... That train is never late!
    i think you nailed it on these.

    as far as PP, some guys when they age they do everything a little less... paul seems like he is going to give you his classic game 1-2 nights per wk, instead of 3-4...and the nights he is not vintage he stinks.

    i think its still early enough to be in knee-jerk stage, but i originally didnt like the green investment, than he looked strong and comfortable preseason,.. now its like what ive always thought of him... he's ok
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