These first two games have been difficult to watch, but I believe the team will be alright in time. In fact, I think they will be very, very good in time. However, early on everyone can clearly see the defensive teamwork is not there - too many players seem to be thinking their way through rotations and coverages instead of reacting instinctively. The offensive flow is completely out of sync. No one seems comfortable on the court right now. All that will change, in time.

I believe it is a simple matter of Doc defining roles and players buying into the prescribed roles.

You might agree or disagree with this?

What I am really curious about is 1) how do you believe Doc will define roles and 2) how would YOU define roles on this team? How long, approximately how many games will it take to get things sorted out?

Is there a time frame / game limit before DA has to think about lowing it up?

As I mentioned a few days ago, I think moving Pierce to the 6th man role should be considered. I believe Green can handle the starting assignment. It would boost his confidence and allow him to settle into a comfort zone. I also have real concerns with Green being the first guy off the bench for KG. To me, it just doesn't work defensively. Milicic was pretty much the disaster I expected he would be tonight and this should have been a moment to shine vs Dalembert. Good to see Wilcox on the floor tonight and I think eventually he will have to be KG's sub.

Rondo / Barbosa
Lee / Terry
Green / Pierce
Bass / Sullinger
Garnett / Wilcox

I would also like to see Rondo and Barbosa togther at times. And when Bradley gets back... maybe all three of them together ar times.