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Ryan did pretty good with free agents last year. Willingham and Burton were steals, Doumit was a good value and Carroll was at worst a push. The big bust of course was Marquis (Zumaya also was a bust, but only due to injury, well worth the risk in my book).

I don't think anyone could call his free agency class of 2012 a bust, but it did highlight two issues. One is the fact that while the Twins did spend some free agency money last year, they still cut payroll significantly with the loss of guys like Cuddyer, Kubel and Nathan. That trend looks to continue this year as the Twins may not even have an $80 million payroll when the season starts.

The second issue is also alarming. While Ryan did well to identify offensive players, he once again was terrible in choosing starting pitching. Marquis was awful, as was nearly every free agent starter he has ever signed. That trend continues today with the Correia signing. Keep in mind that Correia was the first starting pitcher Ryan EVER gave more than a one year deal to. EVER. (in 1998 Bob Tewksbury was given an option year) You obviously aren't going to get a good pitcher without giving up multiple years.

Terry Ryan has done a lot of good for this club, but he either doesn't have the accumen to identify capable starting pitchers, or he doesn't have the fortitude to give the dollars or more importantly, the years get them. If he continues to demonstrate that he cannot or will not fix the Twins most pressing issue, he cannot continue to perform as GM.

He did well to get some young ace caliber arms in Meyer and May, but what happens if they don't work out? Ryan MUST show the fans and the organization that he understands sub-standard pitching is not acceptable and use his free agent budget to acquire top of the rotation talent, even if it means his ulcers act up.
Interesting stuff! Any thoughts on which free agents we should sign or should have signed?