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What on Earth are you talking about? The blue print for beating the Nuggets is to pack the paint and dare them to shoot. The lack of a shooter is one of, if not the Nuggets biggest needs. The Nuggets would be 3-0 if they had a legit shooter taking all of the wide open 3's that Brewer has mostly missed.

Corey Brewer did have a good preseason. But in the regular season he's missed wide open three after wide open three and made some terrible mistakes on defense. Most notably last night when he left Ray Allen wide open behind the arc and then fouled him too.
Bingoooo! We live and die by the paint now and once our guards, mostly Ty or either dre, drive they want to kick it out for the shooters. Many times I see the guys that recieves the pass not being a threat on the outside. Fournier and jham are the best shooters on the bench and I don't care what has happened the last two games statistically. With chandler out ( and he should stay out until he is 100% because he has been awful on both ends) why not play jham or Fournier while having brewer at the three?

Oh and I despise seeing Koufas playing 30 the first two. Don't care how good he was preseason he will never post spectacular numbers and we don't need him to. I like him giving you a solid 15-20 min and having McGee/faired/gallo/Randolph getting minutes at the pf/c.

When chandler is healthy we should be seeing this lineup a lot:
Ty, iggy, chandler, gallo, McGee/faired/koof

That should be our best lineup but Karl will screw with it and have miller in there morenoften than not. Well see...