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The Spurs have a veteran core that's been together but I believe Tim Duncan is the only player still on the Spurs team that won it's first championship. The Spurs have been good for the past 15 years or so. Popovich has adjusted to new players and changed offensive system to accommodate the players he has.

It's ridiculous how much better of a coach Popovich is than Karl.

I mean Karl is running a scheme in which Brewer is expected to shoot threes well, especially given the amount of playing time he's been given. He's never done that is his career. Karl could either change the scheme to adjust to the fact that he doesn't have shooters on the court or play more shooters. Instead he seems to expect Brewer to become a marksman from beyond the arc just because that's where he's put him.

I mean is it really Brewer's fault that his game has never been good behind the arc and it's still not, or is it Karl's fault for continually putting him in a position where he's unlikely to succeed given the history of his career?
Brewer has been our best 3pt shooter the last two games ...What is Karl suppose to do when nobody else is making shots, and making the offense look more predictable and predictable??? Jordan Hamilton isnt making the shots he needs to to strecth the defense.........Gallo is not making his shots .....So what is Karl suppose to do, when Brewer is the only one draining shots? We can't slash and drive, because everytime a nugget player does--they get blocked or turn the ball over.

So is the Nuggets team not at fault here? Are you telling me the Nuggets will win games playin the way they are playing, with a different coach?