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That's pretty sick. What are the chances of that happening?

I had dinner one time next to Pablo at BJ's in Tanforan (not sure you know where that is though). He was eating with his mom at the table next to us. It was hella like "OMG", totally like a girl would be. Didn't want to talk too loud about the Giants and ****. My only run in with a celebrity.
They have to be low, but I swear everytime I go to the airport I run into an actor, coach, player.. Since 09 I've seen Mike Holmgrem, Andy Dick looking high as a kite, Cheat Carrol(we were on the same flight to LA), Jeff Kent and his majestic mustache, and now Hensley Muelens.

Oh that's how I felt when I saw Jeff Kent! I just about saluted him I was so nervous/shocked.