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Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong.

1. We do not know if Kuroda will accept. (We should hope he does)

2. Even if we get Kuroda we still have the money and rotation spot for Haren.
CC, Kuroda, Hughes, Nova, Phelps.... Seriously, you don't think we can bump Nova or Phelps for Dan Haren?

3. Kuroda was better than Haren last season. I love Haren, but he's showing more signs of decline than Hiroki, regardless of age.

On top of that, we might not want to trade any more prospects for a pitcher when we can try to retain Andy and Hiroki. The rumors already point to us having limited interest in Haren.
The trade was already made but how was Cashman going to sign Pettitte, Rivera, Kuroda and then Haren and his $13 million?

Nova and Hughes helps keep the payroll lower.....If George was here then yes but Hal and his mothball wallet run the show now.....