The Yanks have demoted MILB pitching coordinator Nardi Contreras snd have hired Gil Patterson. The Yanks have also fired Billy Conors who was heavily involved in our MILB system.
Pattersom has been the A's MILB pitching cordinator since 08 and widely considered one of the very best at developing young pitchers.

This is a huge win for us IMO, under Contreras and Patterson have failed to develop an of our elite pitching prospects into elite pitchers at the MLB level. Patterson has done a remarkable jon in Oakland developing young pitchers, most of their rotation this yr is a prime example. IMO getting ride of Contreras is long over due but to get Patterson is a huge bonus.

U'm now very excited to see what Patterson is able to due with all our young pitching talent. Now maybe some of our top pitching prospects will actually turnout and live up to their talent and not end up as flame outs or walking injuries waiting to happen.

This is a huge move for us that should pay huge dividends for us in the yrs to come. Now if they could go poach a bunch of top scouts and coaches from other teams i would be thrilled