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Thread: Game 2 analysis

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    Game 2 analysis

    Demarcus Cousins....How long did it take for Cousins to get his first foul? How about 13 seconds. Message to Demarcus, quit whining. Its a mans game, play like a man. If you get fouled and its not called suck it up and play some defense. Quit trying to force everything. You were horrible tonight, I was actually hoping that Keith Smart would take you out of the game.

    Tyreke Evans.....So much for that improved outside shot. You got the same game as last year, your penetration shots did not fall tonight, tough night. I did like how excited you got when we came back from 17 down to 3 down, its obvious you want to win and your not just happy to be collecting a paycheck. Overall tonight you had a poor game.

    Isiah Thomas.....He was the best player tonight and the biggest reason we came from 17 down. I saw Evans get on you one play for being in the wrong place on the break and I saw Thorton get on you for being in the wrong spot on defense, overall nice game.

    Francisco Garcia....Tonight his outside shot was horrid, he did have a big steal in the middle of the 4th when we still had a chance.

    Jimmer Fredette....How good was Jimmer in the first half? Good enough that in the second half he took Aaron Brooks spot in the rotation. In the first half I was rooting for people to pass the ball to Jimmer. In the 2nd half Jimmer did absolutely nothing. In the second half he was a negative, but at least he looked like a NBA player tonight and not a player headed to Europe in 2 years.

    Travis Outlaw...You look like a basketball player, you move like a basketball player, you shoot like crap. At least you hustle. If you could ever put the ball in the hole you would be a exciting player.

    Jason Thompson...He was probably the most consistent player this game. However as always he makes a few stupid plays. He had 2 good shots in the crucial middle half of the 4th quarter that did not fall. I felt if he hit those 2 that ending would of been different.

    Thomas Robinson...he seem to hold his own in comparison to other rookies in their second game, the only problem was you were tagged the most ready NBA player and the 5th pick overall. In the 2 games he had a couple nice moves inside that did not fall, those could of maybe given him some confidence. When he battles for rebounds with another player he seems to always lose. I did not see any outside shots or low post shots, mostly drives to the hoops type shot. He needs to learn to box out.

    James Johnson...He looked a lot better this game than last game. He was key in that second half run that got us the lead for a short period. Smart had me scratching my head twice with him. Why did Smart wait until 3 minutes in the 2nd half to bring him back in the game? And why did Smart bring him back in the game with 3 minutes left? Down by 10 points we need players who could put the ball in the hoop. Johnson was a very willing passer but kind of a awkward passer. He seems to be a very poor mans Tyreke.

    Chuck Hayes.....His shot just could not fall. The Kings seem to like to use him like Chris Webber and let him pass up top. I am surprised its working because Chris was a threat from up top. Anyone fear Hayes taking a 20 footer?

    Aaron Brooks....He only played 6 minutes. His defense looks to be worst than Jimmers and Jimmers defense was not the problem tonight. Brooks did not look impressive in his 6 minutes, guess that is why he is on the bench.

    Marcus Thorton...I don't like Thorton as a sixth man. He needs to start. He is a guy who needs to get in the flow quickly.

    I went into this road stretch hoping we could win 2 games, but I knew realistically 1 was the max amount of wins we could get. We won 6 road games last season to expect to win 2 out of 3 on the road was a pipe dream that I was smoking. I felt if we were going to win 1 game the Twolves was the best hope. If we can pull out the win against the Pacers I will consider this road trip acceptable, then we come home to play the Warriors and a chance to get to .500 after 4 games. No shame in starting off 0-2 and losing to the bulls and the Twolves on the road. I just wish we looked better against the Twolves than we did.

    Kings overall played absolutely horrible team defense, how many Twolves were able to penetrate to the hole with ease? How many Twolves had open inside shots? How many offensive rebounds? The only thing we had going for our team defense is that we reacted quickly and saved some baskets because of it and Brandon Roy looked terrible shooting the ball.

    Besides playing better team defense we are desperate for shooters, not scorers but shooters. Isiah penetrates, his height causes problems getting his shot off so he has to pass outside to either a open James Johnson or a open Tyreke Evans and neither can make the open outside shot. The Kings are never going to be a playoff quality team if we don't get some shooters at the SG and SF position. The announcers make comments like the kings can't get their shots to fall, we have too many players that have to be within 4 feet of the hoop to score, their shots don't fall because their outside shots suck. You can't win that way. Guys have to be able to hit open 3 pointers at a reasonable clip, and the Kings as a team does not have that. Poor outside shooting kills ball movement, and that is obvious watching the Kings. Our goal is transition, thats nice but half court offense is where playoff games are won.

    We need a SF who sits out by the 3 point line, he does not need to be a big scorer, just enough of a threat that his defender must guard him or he will hit the open 3 point shot, that will open up the lanes for guys like Tyreke to penetrate, it will allow more space inside for Cousins, and if someone penetrates that SF now comes into play as a possible shooter. Its why I wanted Barnes instead of Robinson. Barnes is that threat. Guys don't need to score to be effective, give me a guy like Sefalosha. He does not score much, but he is a threat and forces his defender to guard him keeping that defender out of the lanes, and on the defensive end he is a positive

    We need to start building a team that plays solid team defense and players who play traditional roles, picking guys who are players without a position will unlikely ever get us to the next level. The other thing that hurts us is size, we are a undersized team. We can't expect to keep winning games when we are the smallest team on the court. It hurts our rebounding and it hurts our post up game both offensively and defensively.

    My starting lineup. Cousins, Thompson, Thorton, Thomas, and Evans. On offense Evans is the PG, Thomas is the SG and Thorton is the SF. On defense Evans plays SF, Thomas plays PG, and Thorton plays SG. Evans can create and both Thomas and Thorton can drain the outside shot. Its only 2 games but Evans to me seems more willing to pass than in the past. Maybe if he had some confidence that guys can make the shot when he passes it to them he would pass more. I am not in love with it but I think its the best lineup considering what we have to work with.
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    A 3 that can shoot, that's why I wanted b.rush so bad in the off season. Well, what about having tyreke back at the 1 and thorton at the 2. Then would could jump up the d' at the 3 with jj; and not worry so much about his offence. Jt and. Boogie ofcourse 4 and 5.

    Pick a 3
    T rob
    Hayes/ jt

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    Reke at point

    I feel like the Kings should move Reke back to the point. He has not been the same since the Kings have moved him to the 2 and 3. Even when he was with memphis he played better at the point. He needs the ball in his hands. Not that good moving without the ball and at times just disappears from the game. He averaged 20-5-5 when he played point, why switch that up?

    Heres my starting 5

    Pg Reke
    SG Thorton
    SF Johnson
    PF Thompson
    C Cousins

    We also need to play Jimmer more. He has a good feel for the game and is actually one of our better passers, plus he can hit an open jumper. I just need to see if his ball handling has improved. Thomas is a good energy guy off the bench. I also can't stand Travis Outlaw. He comes in and is way to trigger happy and is really inconsistent. I would have him completely out of the rotation.

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    I didn't think acquiring a sharpshooter 3 would be such a big priority because I figured Thomas and Thornton would be in the same back court together.

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