Terry green and bass all need to be dealt, whether together or separately. I think these are the guys that will bring the most in return without giving up young guys like Bradley and sully. Plus i think Bradley and sully fit in better with thee current team and the rebuilding all at once. Terry's minutes IMO are easily replaced within the current roster now that Bradley is back and lee and barbosa. That leaves replacing green and bass. Getting a big would obviously be the goal therefore bass minutes would be takin whether he is here or not if and when we acquire a big. Green hasn't showed me any reason he deserves his contract and quite frankly i dont see him turning any corners any time soon, especially if he is being used the way he is now. A guy like kris Joseph could get a shot at his minutes. Basically bass needs to be substantially upgraded, and both terry and green are almost spare parts to us in my eyes, so there best use for us would be to get us a big man. I can see trading Bradley or sully instead of bass or terry, but i think they need to keep the younger guys unless their is a real difference in the amount of return.