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    Shav and the playoffs

    The guy is earning every bit of the 15 minutes per game he's been getting lately. I think he deserves to continue to be the first big off the bench, even in the playoffs. He's rebounding at a better rate than Sully did before he went down. What a find by Danny. He's got good hands, can finish at the rim, and hustles his tail off. He must make KG real proud.

    Here some Shav stats:

    In 12 appearances for Boston, Randolph is averaging five points (while shooting 61 percent from the floor) and 4.7 rebounds (while grabbing an eye-popping 26.2 percent of available defensive rebounds) over 13.1 minutes per game. Since joining the team, the Celtics are plus-16 when he's on the floor and minus-29 when Randolph is not.
    It's the sheer efficiency that's remarkable with Randolph, who is making the most of short minutes. According to Synergy Sports data, Randolph is averaging 1.053 points per play (60 points on 57 possessions), feasting on offensive rebounds and roll situations. That ranks him in the 94th percentile among all league players.
    More on Shav Link

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    Yes. Yes. Yes.

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    Wasn't expecting much out of him. but god damn, he's hustling his *** out there. that's what coaches love so that has to get him a few min atleast

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    He won't be the first big off the bench, that job is Wilcox's to lose.

    However, Shav will play the same role that Ryan Hollins played for us in last years playoffs.... Except he won't suck.
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    He is playing well, I expect him to be part of the rotation.
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    Sure why not.....not getting much of anything from Wilcox or White.... I hope players are booking their summer vactions because its coming.

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