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To regular people the affects are the same, it slow the train of thought for both, the difference is the person with adhd mind tends to move much faster then the average Joe, and one who doesn't have adhd it slow there instinct and train of thought for to focus. Problem people without don't no how to hand the affect, cause most to over think and limits the ability to multi task, while people with it enhances there ability to do just that as a normal personal!

Example: While normal people think of 3 things @ once adderall limits them to focus on only 1, and and those with adhd think of let's say 1o @ once (just and example) adderall cuts that down to normal standard 3-4 thoughts @ once!
No no no. Wrong.


"Although Ritalin is a stimulant, it has the opposite effect on children who are hyperactive. It reduces hyperactivity by increasing the amount of dopamine in the brain. Used effectively and in properly monitored doses, it improves children’s ability to learn by increasing the ability to concentrate and focus. "

My wife is a professional that deals with elementary school kids in Mass for 504's and IEP's (two different ways to service kids with issues - many of them are on drugs of some sort).

I deal with 15-18 years olds in state care, almost all of them on drugs for various issues. About 1/2 are being treated for ADHD.

It's off topic, but if you must post - get your facts straight.