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    Cb Stanford routt cut ?

    Does anybody think he's worth taking a look at.
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    He's sucked so far this season.

    Pro Football Focus ‏@PFF
    This season Routt has been thrown at 39 times, allowed 25 recs (64.1%), for 491 yards, 3 TDs. 267 of those yards after catch.


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    Aug 2010
    An interesting player for sure.

    He might get brought in for a workout or something.

    It would make some sense because Talib won't be active for the Bills game and you can always use another corner. He has talent too, had a decent season in 2010 opposite Nnamdi in Oakland.

    Quote Originally Posted by B'sCeltsPatsSox View Post
    He's sucked so far this season.
    Arringtons been much worse.

    Talib hasn't played much better.

    Still a small chance of it happening because he probably wants to make some money and there could be many other factors we are unaware of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B'sCeltsPatsSox View Post
    He's sucked so far this season.
    Still an upgrade over Kyle Arrington

    Which is sad

    Wait wait, if we grab him off the waivers are we responsible for his contract? Which is around 20mil/3years although KC has paid about 6mil from it.
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    Look!! You can see the exact moment his little heart breaks =)

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    Better than Arrington?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superdude View Post
    Better than Arrington?
    its literally impossible to be any worse, arrington is ranked as the worst corner in the league by PFF last time i checked

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    If you get cut from the Chiefs and the team can't even work a trade to get something back for you, you are bad.

    The Talib situation is different. He was able to be traded, and part of the reason he was traded was his character issues. He's also been dominant in his career before, Routt hasn't.

    No thanks.

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    SR is a joke. He is an Al Davis insane signing. He was no good as a Raider. Great move by them to get rid of him. He goes to the current worst team in football with an ex sucsessful Patriot DC and got cut. Nuf said.

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