This has bothered me too much for me not to at least half assed rant about it. My beef is with our brass sitting on their hands and watching Houston nab the type of player we needed in James Harden.

I know most of you will jump all over this and say that we just traded for Monta Ellis… are you on drugs?... Just hear me out.
Monta Ellis has never been and never will be a franchise type of player. He is not going to be a guy who brings us to that next level. Good player, fills seats, not a player that will turn a franchise around.

Not to mention he simply cannot defend his position…at all. This is vital as well because if you look around the league, just about every team has a scoring 2 guard who at least stand over 6’4”. These players easily back Monta down on offense and score at ease.

If you need a whole season to figure out that having a 6’1” 170 pg and a 6’3” 180 sg in the same backcourt will not work, then I’m sorry but we have a sad staff.

As I look at our roster I notice one thing. Our entire team is made up of trade pieces. Why not mix things up?! CLEARLY WHAT WE’VE BEEN DOING HASN’T BEEN WORKING.
If you look at what OKC got in return Kevin Martin (scoring two), Jeremy Lamb (young potential starter) and a first round pick.

I immediately thought why the hell didn’t we offer Monta? Hell I’d throw in Lamb and one of our 18 PF’s on this team (except Henson) and a first round pick.
I just don’t think a lot of people understand what type of player that the Milwaukee Bucks need. They don’t only need a superstar, they need a guy who doesn’t care where he plays, and just wants to win…see Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, those types of personalities.
Harden while he isn’t the player that those two players are, has that mentality. He simply wanted a long term deal.
Again sorry for the rant, but I am sick and tired of us letting the good teams get better, while we continue mediocrity.