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    Action Shot Cameras

    Hey guys,

    Just a little help here. I've always loved taking pictures when I go to places and everything, but I especially like taking pictures at sporting events I go to. I've always taken pictures with a little pocket digital camera and they shots always come out "meh."

    So I just want to know, which is the best camera to take action shots with, that's undermy price range, of course. I know cameras can get pretty pricey, but would I be able to find a good one anywhere up to around $150?

    Thanks for any help! Much appreciated!

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    Buy a DSLR with a zoom lens

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    If you can, turn your point and shoot camera to manual mode instead of automatic. There you can set the shutter speed. The quicker the shutter speed, the less blur you will get with photos with action in them.

    I'd also suggest just fooling around with everything in manual mode. You can get some good shots with a $100 digital camera if you know how to use it. Not DSLR type of photos but pretty decent.

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