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Completely agree.

TOO small of a sample size for my liking. I wholeheartedly disagree with him being able to get there when needed. Really don't think he has shown it. Aside form a couple games here or there Jrue's ability to get to the line has been nothing short of underwhelming and its one of the biggest reasons why his efficiency is so poor.

What happens when Jrue's shots aren't falling from the field? Have we seen him show the ability and the versatility to find other ways to get his offense going especially now since he's our primary offensive option. That's what I see as when necessary not only in the clutch but throughout the entire game and especially on days when his shot from the field isn't on.
1. Blame Collins for the sample size. It was enough for me to see what he can do.
2. When Jrue's shots aren't falling from the field, I guess he's useless. Oh that's right, he's the team's point guard and is averaging 10.4 assists to go along with impressive defense. And since he's bigger, longer, stronger than most of the pionts defending him, he could usually just post up when things aren't working.
3. Jrue doesn't have to be the primary option on a contender. He wasn't paid that kind of money. He was paid 2nd best player money for a contender. Our point guard doesn't have to get to the line 8 times per game. I can live with a lower number. Was it too low in the past? Yes. Did he show me last season that he did figure out how to start getting to the cup and finishing more effectively. Yes. The sample size was too low for you. Just enough for me.