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This means bynum better play, be really really good, and resign...

Or else mediocrity looms.
Your such a negative nancy hydro

Is there a situation where if Bynum did not play "really really well" that mediocrity wasn't inevitable with this team? The roster minus Bynum screams not bad enough but not good enough either. Jrue's extension didn't change that. It's still a very movable deal if that's the route you want to travel.
I dont mean to be negative, honestly the deal, on its own, really isnt bad at all.

But ive been down the mediocrity road before, and this is how it usually starts. Luckily this time bynum is in the fold, i just wanna see him play.

Yea, theres a situation like that... If we signed Dwight Howard as a free agent. Lol, or traeded for a real 1st or 2nd tier nba player.